Jeffrey Hatala

Mr. Jeff Hatala
Moscow Elementary Principal

Dear Families,

At Moscow Elementary Center, we take great pride in our staff, students, and community. We are very proud of the educational accomplishments and everyday successes that our students achieve on a daily basis. The teaching staff at MEC continuously strives to academically engage our students in a rigorous curriculum while keeping a constant focus on our students' social and emotional development.

The new school year comes with new challenges and opportunities. Students are anxious to make and meet new friends, and are excited about seeing old friends again. MEC is prepared to provide every child with the opportunity to learn and successfully attain the highest aspirations that both parents and teachers set for them. We truly have a dedicated teaching staff that is motivated and committed to serving the educational needs of your child.

Student success flourishes when teachers and families work together. By embracing our MEC values, Making Every Child count, we will create the best possible learning experience and educational foundation for your child.

In closing, please remember that a strong partnership between home and school is critical in helping our students achieve their fullest potential. With the educational leadership from our administration and the guidance from our teachers, MEC will proudly assist in the educational development of your children, our students! As always, thank you, parents, for your cooperation and continuous support at Moscow Elementary Center!

Mr. Jeff Hatala
MEC Principal
Making Every Child count!

Moscow Elementary Office Staff

Leeta Dennebaum

Assistant Principal

Jeffery Hatala


Diane Picozzo